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Focusing on small scale production, making every piece myself by hand at my home studio, my work enables the discerning customer to make informed decisions on the provenance, design, and ethics of the products they purchase. I have now begun working with my new electronic knitting machine and knit design software, not to edge away from my previously exclusively handknitted pieces, but to enable the development of larger scale projects which I was previously unable to undertake due to the time constraints and cost of making every item by hand. I still continue to make and design every item myself, including handknits, at my home studio following in the footsteps of the original cottage industry.


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After studying Fine Art at University, I discovered my skill and love of traditional hand knitting. I am an almost entirely self taught knitter, initially producing knitwear for myself, until I found myself becoming so absorbed in the design and production of my own pieces, that it soon began to dominate my time and interests. My love of Natural fibres, colour and pattern, drives my desire to create products with originality & integrity. I have always been interested in traditional skills and design-led craft and since graduating, have been striving to continually develop my skills in this area.


Since my childhood I have always maintained my interest in literature and nature. And to a great extent it is this, which has helped to define myself as a person. Growing up in Cumbria surrounded by mountains, forests, fields and lakes, and losing myself in books such as Cider with Rosie, and Little House on the Prairie as a child, which took me back to a simpler way of life, have intrinsically formed my values. I love to be in daily contact with these core values of my life, always staying close to nature, losing myself in literature, and remembering the importance of simple things. My knitwear draws on these values and interests, working with natural materials and making pieces on a small scale, which gives me immense pleasure and also pride, which hopefully is evident to the customer.


I produce a range of luxury knitwear, from traditional hand knitted accessories in bold geometric patterns, British Wool accessories hand knitted in classic cable patterns, to a range of machine knitted cushion covers and scarves in our signature colour palette of monochrome mixed with mustard, navy and red accents.