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Our new Classic Hand Knitted British Wool range is knitted from 100% Blue Faced Leicester wool, which is grown, sheared, processed and spun in the U.K. and has been awarded the platinum award from the Wool Board. Currently available in 3 natural shades, as hats and gloves, in intricate and timeless cable patterns, they are suitable for both men and women.


Amongst the wilds in the bitter winters, trappers tended their traplines with freezing fingers for the silky pelts of animals.


- For the modern day trapper, practical knitwear for the active person.

In the depths of the forests, woodsmen chopped down trees, burned charcoal and coppiced the trees all year round.


-For the modern day Woodsman, durable and warmth giving.


In small stone cottages in the isolated highlands and islands of Scotland, the crofters tended small flocks of sheep and patches of garden. In the dark stormy winters they would knit woollen items from the fleeces of their sheep.


- Undyed woollen goods for the modern day crofter, for tending your livestock and garden.


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