name grid-hattie

Our original range of Handknits are made using 100% extra fine Merino wool in our signature colour range of neutrals with mustard, navy and red highlights, in striking Geometric Patterns. The production processes are incredibly time consuming and low in yield but the results are exceptional quality and character.


Growing cabbages, baking rye bread, digging potatoes, gathering eggs, darning socks.


- For the modern day peasant, finding beauty in the simple way of life.


Brightening up their humble homes with patchwork quilts, curtains trimmed with gingham, and knitting patterns from their far flung European ancestors.

- For the modern day homesteader, bringing a touch of homespun cheer to our busy world.

In the exposed islands of Fair Isle, Shetland and Orkney, cottagers would create kaleidoscopic colour patterns in their knitwear, as a foil against the bleak and desolate winters huddled in rocking chairs by the fireside

-For bringing colour in to our grey and bleak winters.


-For those inspired by the bold geometric patterns of Navajo weavings


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